Coming to the concept of hair extensions, women often tend to get confused regarding the quality and the type of Brazilian Hair that will portray immaculate and impeccable gorgeous looks. One of the most and highly opted hair extensions in the market has been virgin hair extension. Known to be the best type of human hair, the most popular virgin human hair extensions are Brazilian hair and Peruvian Hair.

The side-splitting thing is that both the types of hair extensions are so amazing and stylish that women get confused on opting any one of it for a bewitching look. People tend to get confused and feel that the formulations of hair extensions are all the same, which is not the case. Different types of Human Hair Bundles have different features, different origination, and the entire outlook of the extension depends who can pull it off.

Better Brazilian Vs Peruvian Hair

Brazilian Hair –
One of the most selected and highly opted by fashionistas, Brazilian hair is highly durable, lustrous and is quite versatile. It easily blends with natural hair and can be classified into different patterns. From straight, wavy, curls to kinky curls, Brazilian hair extensions come in different colors and length. It is quite voluminous as does not require much of the bundles for pulling off a note-perfect look. You need not perform special maintenance on this hair. Proper care can make it last upto a year and a half.

Peruvian Hair –
Peruvian hair is the type of hair that can be styled effortlessly. It has incomparable softness and lightness. It is silkier but thicker and has more traction in terms of texture compared with Brazilian and Indian hair. The lustre ranges from low to medium. It naturally grows straight, wavy or curly. It usually comes in natural colors of dark or light brown and rarely in slightly blonde shades. When using Peruvian hair extensions, you can use multiple bundles and still notice that it is light-weight and easy to style. Also, Peruvian hair extensions can easily be used on relaxed African-American hair and Caucasian hair of medium textures.

Well, it actually depends upon your requirements. Confused! Let’s guide you! If you are looking for the best hair extension that is thicker and coarser, we suggest you go for Brazilian hair extension. Again, if you are seeking for soft wavy hair, Peruvian hair suits the best. It actually depends on the hair texture and style that you possess and which hair extension will beautifully compliment your entire look. So, we are sure, you are going to weave a beautiful natural crown with the best extension that suits your fashion statement.