Women's Day Sale - Treat Yourself Love Yourself

International Women's Day is a global holiday celebrated annually on March 8. It signifies recognition of women's achievements and rights. To some extent, it also expresses the society's care for women. Therefore, as women, we must learn to love ourselves.
There are many ways to love yourself, such as exercising to stay healthy, buying yourself a gift, etc. It is the nature of every woman to love beauty, and a suitable human hair wig can add a little more to your beauty. A wig is like a crown, it will bring you confidence and strength virtually. So most women will buy themselves a beautiful human wig on Women's Day. Yolissa Hair has also launched promotions on the occasion of Women’s Day, let's check it out together.
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happy women's day

(1)Water Wave Human Hair Lace Wig
  Water Wave is a very classic tune, much like other hair extension monikers, the name water wave hair indicates the type of curl pattern created in the hair factory. Water wave hair is a unique pattern of virgin hair that combines the look of curly and wavy hair to create a natural look.
  In Yolissa hair, water wave wigs were a hot sale for a long time. The most outstanding thing is the 14-36 inch water wave lace frontal wigs and 5x5 closure wigs. For the lace type, you could choose HD lace wigs or transparent lace wigs according to your budget, and with different lace areas, there are 13x4 lace, 13x6 lace, and 5x5 lace. The length is from 14 inches to 36 inches, and the density is from 150 density to 250 density. A variety of options to meet all customer needs to achieve a gorgeous look. From the perspective of sales, most customers prefer longer lengths, such as 24 inches or 26 inches, even 28 and 30 inches. 180 density and 250 density are the most popular.
  In addition to regular human hair wigs, there are also water wave pre-braided lace front wigs. It is a new arrival in Yolissa Hair, it is pre-styled for sale, pre-everything with pre-bleached knots, pre-plucked hairline, and pre-cut HD lace. Customers could get a wonderful style without any effort!
  There are many other types of water wave human hair wigs, not all listed here. You can come to Yolissa Hair to see the details.

water wave wigs

(2)Body Wave Human Hair Lace Wig
  The waves in body wave wigs typically have an “S” shape, creating a soft and romantic look. The wavy curvature adds volume and dimension to the hair, making the entire human hair wig look fuller, and making the wearer more elegant and attractive. Therefore, it has become a popular choice for various occasions and photo-taking needs.
  For the body wave human hair lace wig, it has to be mentioned as Yolissa hair exclusive original wig, which is a brown wig with blonde highlights #P4/613 straight & body wave lace front wigs human hair. It is a brown wig with blonde highlights, those two colors blend perfectly in a certain proportion, unique and gorgeous are not enough words to describe its charm. It leads the trend of highlight wigs. At first, there is only body curvature, but now there are also straight ones to choose from. Of course, Yolissa Hair also provides different lace types of it, such as 5x5 lace, 13x4 lace, and 13x6 lace.
  Natural black body wave wigs are also popular among customers. In Yolissa Hair, HD undetectable body wave lace wigs have been a best-seller for many years. The HD lace can match all skin perfectly, with natural hair line, great quality, all these advantages make people fall in love with them.

body wave wigs

  Ready to go wigs are a new type of human hair wigs. As the name suggests, you can go out after putting it on. No glue, no installation, no need to cut lace, and no need for any skills to put it on perfectly. The production factory has already done everything for you in advance, including pre-cut lace, pre-plucked hairline, and pre-bleached knots. Most importantly, it is a 3D Dome Cap with a sew-in elastic band to ensure secure enough for daily wear. This sounds very exciting, right?
  In Yolissa Hair, there are many different curly patterns of ready to go wigs. Such as straight, curly, body wave, water wave, and so on. Not only natural black wigs but also 613 blonde wigs. Both long wigs and short bob wigs are available here. For ready to go wigs, the lace type has 5x5 lace and 4x7 lace. The small area of lace can ensure the safety of wearing.

ready and go wigs

So come to Yolissa Hair to shop one unique gift to celebrate Women's Day !!!