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 Why so many people choose Yolissa water wave transparent lace wig? T Tha Kid has told us her experience and honest options about Yolissa water wave transparent lace wig in this review. Help you figure out whether Yolissa water wave transparent lace wig is worth trying. Tap the link below to see the original Youtube video.


What’s her feeling about it?

T tha kid says at the beginning, “This hair is so nice that I just do not want to take this wig off!”

When she gave the review, she has worn this water wave lace frontal wig for 1 week. And she gives update on the comments after 1 month that the hair is her favorite hair now. She uses “effortless” and “natural” to describe the wig because she barely did anything to achieve the super natural looking.She claims that the preplucked hairline and transparent lace coming with the wig do that for her.

 water wave hair

Why does she choose water wave transparent lace wig?

In the review, she has a lot to say about the curl patterns and the lace. Let’s see them in details.

Water Wave Hair

She says “ This hair is just everything. I think honestly water wave hair is probably my favorite curl pattern even I would say my favorite texture of hair to wear because it’s just so adaptable and you can do so much with it and have it look so many different waves but still all b-bomb which I love love the versatility! Someday I want to wear it wet, I’m gonna wear it sleek, I want to wear it big, I want to wear it super defined and water wave hair gives that to you without it looking frizzy or anything like that and so just to give some idea.” T Tha Kid does not just say that but do it. She has tried many styles of Yolissa water wave wig. She wears it wet, wears it dry and big, even styles it to other curls! In the campus, she receives so many compliments even she doesn’t say anything about the hair, the hair says everything.

* Transparent Lace Wig

The water wave transparent lace wig from Yolissa hair is her first transparent lace wig. She’s very excited to try it out since it’s widely used by professional stylists of stars and the Instagram famous. The final look is just so natural and amazing that she says “Transparent lace is unclocked ball like you can’t tell me this is not growing out of my scalp” Comparing with her other wigs, she barely did anything to this transparent lace wig! As her other wigs, she normally has to do a lot to make it look real. She highly recommends the transparent lace to anyone who wants their wig to be laid and super up close to the scalp.

transparent lace 

In the review, she just tells everyone her true experience and options about the water wave transparent lace wig from yolissahair.com Thanks a lot to T Tha Kid’s confirmation and sharing. It’s Yolissa Hair’s honor to be chosen by so many girls! Do you like the water wave hair she wears? If you like it, do not hesitate to get it. To express our thanks to your choice and support, Yolissa Hair has set up special coupon for water wave hair so that you can get this gorgeous water wave transparent lace wig with super nice price! Every order of water wave wig saves 6% with discount code “WaterWig” Hope Yolissa Hair can make you be more beautiful!