Yolissa Hair Clearance Flash Sale

1. Yolissa Hair Flash Sale Wigs
The clearance flash sale wigs mainly include jet black #1 colored wigs,#27 honey blonde lace front wigs, #613 blonde wigs as well as hot selling P4/613 highlight wigs in the hair market. Of course, natural black wigs are offered if you want.With all lace sizes such as 4x4/5x5/6x6 lace closure wigs and 13x4/13x6 lace frontal wigs, customers have wide choices of different color wigs and a variety of curl patterns.

There are always 10 kinds of wigs on the clearance flash sale page, with only 1-3 wigs in stock. And wigs will be updated if some are sold out. If customers are urgent to receive their wigs, the flash sale wigs are the best choice because these wigs can be shipped out right away.
Most importantly, they are affordable wigs at half price but the same great quality as usual wigs. What are you waiting for? Come and snap the beautiful wigs at a 50% discount!

highlight wigs

2. Yolissa Hair Discount Wigs
To meet the need of certain customers who want mid-length human hair wigs, Yolissa Hair gives away an extra $100 coupon code for discount lace front wigs, lace closure wigs, and headband wigs 14-22 inch for African American women. There are 613 blonde wigs, 99J burgundy wigs, and different natural black wigs. You can find straight human hair wigs, water wave wigs, and body wave wigs together.

Customers may doubt, why the wigs are priced at $100 off? Here are the answers: These mid-length wigs are pre-processing and will be shipped quickly, which reduces the labor and time cost in the factory. So the extra $100 coupon code is big welfare to customers who love the mid-length wigs and with a limited budget. Do not hesitate more, just get the $100 coupons now!

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3. Buy One Get One Free
In addition, the buy one gets one free deal is still going on. Buy HD lace water wave wigs and HD lace body wave wigs will get an extra free random wig as a gift. The HD lace wigs have been the best-selling wigs on the Yolissa Hair website. Because the HD lace matches all skins whether lighter skin or darker skin customers.

bue one get one wigs

4. Join In Yolissa Hair Vip Group To Get a $150 Coupon Package
Summer will end soon. Are you planning to order a new wig for the un-coming season? Do not worry about your budget. Yolissa Hair company invites new and loyal customers to the Whatsapp group, where you could receive up to a $150 coupon package. Also, reward points and private coupons, as well as free wigs, will be sent to group members randomly.
Join in this Whatsapp VIP group here: https://wa.me/message/2LHCBLGOFLD4M1

How do you think the clearance flash sale wigs and discount wigs? If you wish to know more details on the wigs or get more kinds of half-price wigs in stock, please feel free to contact Yolissa Hair service by Email or Whatsapp. Yolissa Hair's professional service and wide knowledge of human hair wigs will help you to choose a 100% satisfied wig.