Can you feel the increasingly cool weather? Yes, winter is coming on. It’s time to change a new hair color to welcome the new season.

1. Wearing Colored Wigs in Winter

Although natural black is always the most classic one, wearing a natural black hair wig can make you look gentle and classy, it is also a great idea to bring some new colors for this winter and engender a new mood of fashion attitude. Having said all the above, is there any special colored wigs offer for winter? Don't worry, the following colored wigs are all my special commendations.

Yolissa Hair: Special Colored Wigs Offer For Winter

2. Charming Colored Wigs Recommendation

 There are many amazing colored wigs available in Yolissa Hair now, so many different hair colors, so many pretty hair textures. Don’t worry, if you are confusing about which one to take, next I will recommend some typical colored wigs to you.

1) #27 Straight/Body Wave/Natural Wave Lace Front Wigs

 #27 is also named honey blonde which looks warm and soft. People living in cold climates prefer to wear warm colors hair wigs to create a warm and comfortable feeling. I highly recommend three #27 lace front wigs in different hair textures in our store: #27 straight lace front wigs, #27 body wave lace front wigs, and #27 water wave lace front wigs. All of these three hair textures can match color #27 perfectly. Wearing a #27 lace front wig can make you become a distinctively beautiful scene in the city.

1)27 Straight/Body Wave/Natural Wave Lace Front Wigs

2) 99J Lace Part Wigs

You know if there's one hair color that is always in trend, it is the 99J burgundy hair color. 99J looks like a red wine color that has a romantic atmosphere. Today I will recommend the 99J burgundy lace part wig, which has two hair colors (#Light 99J and #Dark 99J) and six hair textures (Straight, Body Wave, Water Wave, Loose Deep, Deep Wave, Curly) can let you choose. Besides, the lace part wig is one of the new arrival wigs on our website, it is beginner-friendly and easy to install. A great choice for everyone.

99J burgundy lace part wig

3) #350 Lace Front Wigs

 #350 is one bright spot in all hair colors, it contrasts well with natural black, a #350 lace front wig can bring people a totally different feeling. With the attractive hair texture and your beautiful skin, you will look good in #350 and other bright colors. Come and choose the #350 lace front wig to liven up your looks and fashion senses.

350 Lace Front Wigs

4) #4/#6/#8 New Arrival Colored Wigs

#4, #6, #8 are all kinds of brown colors but have different shades, #8 looks lighter, #4 looks darker, and #6 is in the middle, you can choose the favorite one as your preferences. I suggest you can consider a new U part wig in #4, #6, #8, new arrival colors with a new arrival U part wig. What a great match! Now buy this U part wig, you can get an extra gift pack for free. There are many useful hair accessories in the pack, including a silk bag, an adjustable band, a wig cap, a wig grip, super long eye-lashes, and a baby hairbrush.

4/#6/#8 New Arrival Colored Wigs

5) Pink Straight Headband Wigs

 This pink straight headband wig is the one we launched recently, the bright, cute, shinning pink hair color with various beautiful headbands can bring you different looks every day. We have 16 different styles of headbands can let you choose now, come and get it!

pink straight headband wig

6) Highlight Wigs

  The highlight color normally is one color mix with the other lighter color, you can see different layers of colors on one hair wig. Two colors on one wig make people unique and attractive. In Yolissa Hair, we have many kinds of highlight wigs, but I will particularly recommend a highlight water wave lace front wig because of its classic hair texture and creative hair color.

 highlight water wave lace front wig