Yolissa Hair Wish You A Happy Women’s Day

  After the long vacation of the Spring Festival. There is another busy festival that is coming, Women’s Day. It’s time to buy a gift for each other. Women will usually celebrate Women’s Day, buying hair wigs is a good gift idea.

  1. Happy Womens Day

  March 8th - Women have much to celebrate on International Women’s Day. The theme of Women’s Day is always called for greater equality for women. The International Women's Day every year is worth particular commemoration. It does not only belongs to women but also to all people of the world. Yolissa Hair also wants everyone to have a happy women’s day.

 Happy Women's Day

1.1 Sales Promotion In Women’s Day

Yolissa Hair offers below two main discounts during sales promotion:

6% Off For All Wigs, 4% Off For Site-Wide

Available Time: Mar.1st - Mar.10th

1.2 Flash Sale - Straight U Part Wig 8-14 Inches

On the festival - March 8th, Yolissa Hair has a flash sale promotion.

Everyone has a chance to get straight wigs at a low price. The hair lengths of this straight U Part wig have four options: 8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches. The prices of these four hair lengths are also affordable: $35, $45, $55, $65.   

 straight wigs

    2.Typical Hair Wigs Recommendations

2.1 Mothers Buy For Daughters

  Hair wigs for young girls who are under the age of 20. Natural black straight hair wigs or 613 blonde straight hair wigs will be suitable. Natural black straight hair wigs are always common and regular hair wigs for most young girls. All the beauties of twenty are still students. Natural black straight hair wigs are perfect for students. On the other hand, as a teenager, they want to chase for freedom, they are at the age of pursing individualism. So the 613 blonde wigs are suitable for girls who want to be special and outstanding.

 613 blonde wigs

2.2 Women Buy For Themselves

  Women who are from the age of 20 to 35. Water wave wigs or #27 honey blonde wigs are perfect. Water wave hair texture is a chic and cool hairstyle. The curls of water wave are all small and tight that can make people look fluffy and energetic. #27 honey blonde is also a gentle and warm hair color. It is not as bright and shining as 613 blonde, it can help women look more graceful.

 water wave lace wigs

2.3 Daughters Buy For Mothers

Women's Day is coming. Why not buy all mothers gifts? For mothers who are from the age of 35 to 50. Choosing an easy-to-wear wig is very important. Headband wigs or U Part wigs are suitable for most mothers. Headband wigs and U Part wigs are both easy to install, no need to use glue. And these two hair wigs are also easy to do hairstyles. Especially headband wigs, people can change different looks every day by changing different hairbands.

headband wigs