11.11 is famous as the biggest sale holiday. But do you know how this biggest shopping day in the world was started? And what kind of special discount can get on 11.11? Believe today’s shopping strategy can offer you all these answers.

Are you ready for the 11.11 Global shopping festival

1. What is the 11.11 Sale?

  There are many couples’ days in the world to celebrate people being together, including the Tanabata Festival in China, Valentine's Day in Western countries, the Star Festival in Japan, etc. But there is no celebration especially for all those people who are single.

Then some students started to celebrate November 11 as a single day for single people, as the number 11.11 looks like some person who is single or alone. And so, social media made this special holiday became more well-known. Alibaba noticed and thought this is a huge opportunity for developing online shopping. So this day was launched as an E-Commerce Festival in 2009. Alibaba also created a slogan: “Even if you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend, at least you can shop like crazy.” Gradually, 11.11 becomes a global shopping festival.

11.11 sale

2. Are you ready for the 11.11 Global shopping festival?

Activity introduction in Yolissa Hair can be divided into two parts:

1) The Warm up:

11.11 Sale

4% Off Over $179

5% Off Over $289

6% Off Over $399

7% Off For 2 Items

Time: Nov.5th-Nov.9th

2) The Blowout:

11.11 Global Shopping Festival

5% Off Over $169

6% Off Over $359

7% Off Over $449

8% Off For 2 Items

$30 Coupon Code Only For First 50 Orders On Nov.11th! - Code: Y1111

Time: Nov.10th-Nov.12th

3. Typical Hair Wigs Recommendation

1) Headband Wigs

  Headband wigs can offer people retro looks. There is no lace on a headband wig, so you can wear it in only 2 minutes, with no need to use glue, the whole installation is very easy and convenient. The headband wig is also named a beginner-friendly wig. Now buy headband wigs in Yolissa Hair, you can get one headband as a gift, or you can get 3pcs headbands, 5pcs headbands,7pcs headbands randomly at a great price and you also can get an extra 6% off with code “HEADBAND”.

 headband wigs

  Attention, please, everybody! We will have a big flash sale of headband wigs in 16 inches and 24 inches with every hair textures on 11.11, we will provide an extremely lower price only on that day - 11th November. Now the price of a 16 inches headband wig is $116.93, a 24 inches headband wig is $242.40. But on 11.11, after using the coupons of flash sale, you can only pay $80 to get a 16 inches headband wig, and $200 to get a 24 inches headband wig. You can please collect the link of the flash sale products in advance: headband wig. And buy it directly by the link on 11.11 US time.

2) Lace Front Wigs

  The lace front wig is the most classic of lace wigs, as every lace front wig has done pre-plucked with baby hair before shipping out which looks more natural and realistic. I will highly recommend the most popular 13x4 lace front wig in our store, the water wave lace front wig. It is made of 100% virgin water wave hair with a 13x4 swiss lace frontal to show your own scalp. An attractive hair texture and a classic wig style are always the perfect matches.

 lace front wigs

3) Lace Part Wigs

  The lace part wig is one kind of lace wigs that only has a little lace part on the wig. There is only a 4 inches long seam that covers the middle of the scalp. So the installation can be easier and the price also is more competitive than other lace wigs. The lace part wigs are new on our website, if you want to try something new, you can come and get it!

 lace part wigs

4) Combo Sale

  The combo sale is means you can pay 1 get 2-4 wigs. All the hair wigs in combo sale are with factory price, there are in the same length, density, capsize, but in different types, textures, colors. You can get some experience with different variable styles of hair wigs at a very low price! This great deal only in Yolissa Hair, don’t be hesitant, just come and get it!

combo sale