Hi beauties,

As an old saying goes that beauty is a woman’s nature. When we find that someone’s lace wig is beautiful , we can’t help ourselves to get one too. We, girls, always can’t resist any nice thing. But actually, not everyone has the happy end. If we want to achieve the effect we desired, we have to avoid six main mistakes about wearing a lace wig. Now, let’s explore and get rid of them with Yolissa Hair together.

NO. 1  Choose Wrong Lace Color

Though transparent lace Wig is very popular nowadays, it’s not the best choice for everyone. The right thing to do is choosing lace color according to your skin tone. Transparent lace is a good choice for light skin or white skin while medium brown lace is more practical for brown skin or dark skin. Wrong lace color makes the lace on head very invisible. The best one is the one that’s right for you. Of course, we can also make up on the lace by using tint spray to make the lace color suitable for your skin tone if you get lace color which is not right for you.

 lace color 

NO.2  Unnatural Hairline

Look at the mirror, we can notice that our own hairline is uneven. Therefore it will definitely look fake, if the hairline of our human hair lace wig is too straight and perfect. To create a natural hairline, we have to cut the lace in zig-zag way and then do some random plucking on the hairline of wig.

 hairline of lace wigs

NO.3  Not Cut Lace Edge

Being afraid of shedding, someone will use adhesives to glue done the lace edges instead of cutting them off. But it’s not a wise action. On the one hand, cutting lace edges does not resulting in shedding unless you cut off too much. On the other hand, it’s really embarrassing thing if the lace edges lift up. We wear lace wigs for looking better, not making a fool of ourselves. So girls, cut the lace edges bravely.

 cut the lace of lace wigs 

NO.4  Over Bleach Knots

Over bleaching ruins the hair roots, resulting in the color change and even shedding. The lace on the human hair wig is thin and the hair is frail just like our own hair. Bleaching does make huge chemical damage so don’t bleach knots for too much time and we even don’t suggest bleach knots for curly hair. Certainly, if our lace wig is over bleached but still useful, we can use lace tint spray of the hair color to fix it.


NO.5  Use Unfitted Adhesives

Adhesives is a necessary for wearing a lace wig unless you use glueless install method. Before using it on our head, we have to test it on our arm first to check how it works on you. We have to make sure whether we are allergic to it, whether it’s invisible and how it’s viscous force, how to clean it off safely. If you don’t use suitable adhesives, you may not only waste your lace wig but also damage your head.


NO.6  Exaggerated Baby Hair

Baby hair is a fashion style. Certainly, it’s worth trying but don’t do our baby hair in a too exaggerated way. Thinking about our own baby hair while doing the baby hair style on the lace wig. Leaving too much or too long baby hair is wiggy. All lace wigs including lace front wigs and lace closure wigs from Yolissa Hair are comes with baby hair which is a little bit long so that we can customize it as we like.

 baby hair of lace wigs

If we can avoid the six mistakes above, we can definitely get rid of the wiggy look. Choose a nice human hair lace wig on Yolissa Hair www.yolissahair.com, meet more beautiful self. We girls are born for beauty.