FAQS About Water Wave Wigs

  What's the 2021 hair goal for beauties? Possessing all sorts of curl pattern wigs sounds awesome, right? Regards to the trendy, the water wave lace wig is a must-have in respect of its characteristics and advantages which can give the beauties realistic vibes.

  First and foremost, we need to know how the water wave hair looks like. There are a depiction and pic of the water wave wig shown below. Water wave lace wigs provide a more defined wavy hair. Someone likes this wave pattern for it gives a boost to the less defined wave pattern of the body wave.

 water wave wigs

The content will be classified into four parts to discuss in detail.

  1. Why Choose Water Wave Wigs
  2. The Popular Water Wave Styles
  3. How To Care Water Wave Wigs
  4. Where To Buy Water Wave Wigs

     Why Choose Water Wave Wigs

  1. Natural vibes on beauty

Water wave wig, also well known as natural wave wig, is a great look that can be worn by absolutely everyone. Since wavy hair may be shiny, those with fluffy hair may want to try to find a water wave pattern on Yaki hair as its hair resembles relaxed African fluffy hair with water waves. Besides, the water wave wig makes the roots fuller and thinner at the ends, which will undoubtedly give you a more natural or realistic look.

   2.Maintain and restyle easily

  Water wave wig is made of 100% human virgin hair, and the cuticles are kept running in the same direction when collecting and crafting the wig. Therefore, tangling or shedding is greatly reduced and the wigs look silkier. Using a curling iron, or flat iron to style wig, or dyeing your wig to a more fancy shade. The human hair strands allow you to have various styling options.

   3.Great longevity

  A human virgin hair wig can last about 1 year or longer if you care for it properly. Thanks to its durability, you can save an amount of money in the long run. Water wave wig is the ideal choice that will give you the best experience at the lowest cost.

   The Popular Water Wave Styles

  The water wave wig is prevalent in the wig market, also gained the preference of women in terms of its subtle curls and real look. There are popular styles on the Yolissa Hair Website including water wave lace frontal wig(13x4,13x6), lace closure wig(4x4,5x5,6x6), full lace wig, headband wig, and U Part wig.

  Water Wave Lace Frontal Wig has 13 inches in length by 4 inches in width lace size, covering your hairline ear to ear, which is more comfortable to wear.

  The typical water wave lace closure wig is 4×4 inches, but it still can be parted freely. Install a lace closure wig might take less time than a lace frontal wig cuz you haven’t to use much adhesive to the lace.

  Water Wave Full Lace Wig has lace all your whole head, the wig will appear that all of the hair is growing directly from your head. You can experience the style of a high ponytail, high buns.

  Water Wave Headband Wig is suitable for all head sizes. No glue, no cutting lace, protect your edges well. It’s a higher priority item if you want to save time.

  Water Wave U Part Wig is a U-shaped wig that opens on the top or side of the wig. It’s quick and easy to own the natural look by leaving a portion of your own hair out.

   How To Care Water Wave Wigs

  You have to treat your wig with proper care if you want use it for a long period. Here are some tips about how to treat your water wave wig which would make you get the gorgeous appearance.

  1. Combing

  You can use fingers or wide-tooth comb to detangle your water wave wig thoroughly, from the ends to the top. That will help prevent hair shedding as much as possible.


  Hair will tangle when it is dirty. So washing your hair in the cool or lukewarm water every week will be better. Put your hair into the water from the ends to the top, wash hair with fingers, do not rub or twist hair. Let it dry naturally.

   3.Deep condition

  You can use some moisture products like coconut oil, lotion to avoid the wig becoming too dry or losing its shine.

  Where To Buy Water Wave Wigs

  As a professional and trusted wigs provider, fulfilling our client’s demands and gaining the approval is our struggling goal. As above mentioned, Yolissa Hair supplies various quality water wave wigs at an affordable price. You will find the hair length, density and cap size you need, and the groovy color #27,#99j, highlight hair is available on the Yolissa Hair Website. Shop the top-notch water wave wig and enjoy the free shipping & discount.