Hello everyone,

If we want to buy an ideal wig, we must have to know all the key points of the wig.

Today, Yolissa Hair will help you understand the meaning of important wig terms one by one thoroughly.

1. Hair Weft

A certain amount of hair that is sewn flatly together like a curtain is hair weft. Normally, it’s rolled up into hair bundles. If you buy hair bundles, you can cut them into several small curtains, then stitch them layer by layer on the wig cap to make a wig. For convenience, you can buy pre-made wigs. Yolissa Hair can customize wigs to meet all your requirements.

hair weft

2. Hair Density

Hair density does not directly refer to the thickness of the wig. In fact, the space between two hair wefts on the wig determines the density of the wig. The higher density means tighter space between hair wefts, making the wig looks thicker. There are four normal hair density - 150%,180%,200%,250%. Normally, 180% is enough for most wigs. But if you want some hair longer than 24inches, you can please choose 200% or 250% density.

3. Wig Cap

As for the wig cap, we have to know how to measure our head to choose a suitable wig to capsize.

There are three wig cap sizes-small, medium and large. To choose the right wig cap size, six measurement data is needed. Please follow the six steps on the pictures to measure your head and choose a corresponding wig cap size.

wig cap size

4. Hair Types

Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair and Indian hair are four major hair types of human hair. The softest and most durable hair is Brazilian hair. The quality of the rest of the hair types is decreased in order. Brazilian hair is also the biggest seller of Yolissa Hair. You can only tell the differences between the hair types by wearing them and touch them by yourself.

5. Hair grades A

A is a criterion to mark the human hair quality. The best and popular hair in the market is 8A grade human hair. Of course, there are also 10A and 12A higher grade hair with better quality also with a higher price. In fact, 8A is good enough for most customers. Different vendors may have a different standard on grade, so sometimes there are some vendors advertising that their hair is in higher grade with low price. In fact, the grade and quality may be the same as our 8A grade, so please stay calm and find another reliable hair vendor to buy your wig, and pay more attention to hair quality, rather than a low price.

6. Parting Space

Parting space refers to the lace area on the wig from the front to the back. No matter the lace frontal wig or the lace closure wig, the second number of the wig construction description means the parting space. For example, the parting space of a 13x6 lace front wig is 6inches and the parting space of a 6*6 lace closure wig is 6inches. Parting space ranges from 4inches to 7inches. More parting space also means more natural-looking since it gives you more space to style the wig like your own hair.

6inch deep part lace wigs

7. Hair Texture

According to the degree of curls, the hair textures are divided into 8 main textures from no curls to tight curls - straight, yaki straight, body wave, loose wave, loose deep wave, water wave, deep wave and curly. The picture below for you to have a deeper understanding of it.

 hair texture

8. Fringe

Fringe is also called bangs. More specifically, it’s the area of hair that hangs over the forehead. In 2020, wig with bangs is very popular. You can find it in various colors on the Yolissa Hair Website.