What You Need To Know About Body Wave Texture

With so many different human hair textures online, many black women choose the body wave hair when they want to change their hairstyles. Based on the demand, body wave hair is getting one of the most attractive hairstyles. Many clients have asked us a question before: how to keep the body wave texture? Before we answer this question, let’s figure out what you need to know about the body wave texture.

What’s Body Wave Texture?

Body wave texture is one of the human hair textures, which form a consistently deep and natural ”s” shape appearance, which looks natural and bouncy. The manufacturers process the wet virgin hair at a high temperature to create this texture, no chemical processing, just steamed, so virgin body wave hair presents a glossy and bouncy feeling.

Why Choose Body Wave Texture?

As body wave texture is just steamed without any chemicals, the body wave hair is totally soft and healthy for wearing. When you are wearing body wave extensions or body wave wigs, people will think it is your own natural hair. And the other reason why body wave texture is so popular is its versatility. Because body wave hair is made of 100% virgin hair, it keeps the hair cuticle in the same direction, which makes the body wave hair can take the heat and color well. That means people can do different hairstyles, no matter if they want to straighten or curl them, they can also color and bleach their hair without any problem.

How To Keep Body Wave Texture?

During daily care, you will find that the body wave hair will become loose or straight after washing. So you may wonder if there are some ways we can do to keep the body wave texture?

Yes, here are some suggestions:

1. Wash the body wave hair with high-quality shampoo. Wash and deep condition body wave hair once at least once a week, only keep the body wave clean, then you can keep the body wave hair in good and healthy condition.
2. Dry the body wave hair in the air and apply some hair care products on your body wave hair. You must keep in mind that you can’t use a high-power hairdryer to try the hair, it will damage the hair.
3. Comb the hair with a wide tooth comb or use your fingers through it. Only we treat the hair like our own hair, the body wave texture can last a long time.
4. Braid body wave hair to a loose tail at night, you can wear a silk bonnet to cover the whole hair to protect your body wave hair healthy and wavy.
5. Store the body wave lace wigs in a satin bag when you are not wearing them. Always keep your body wave wig away from direct sunlight or heat, only properly cared, the body wave texture can last as long as possible.

What Type Of Body Wave Hair To Recommend?

Shiny and silky Brazilian body wave hair get popular and popular among black girls, cause it is easy to maintain and style during daily life. So what type of body wave hair should you choose? Here are some recommendations.

HD Undetectable Lace Wigs Body Wave 14-36 Inch

HD body wave wigs

When You consider choosing body wave wigs, then you can’t miss the HD lace wigs. HD lace is very light, soft, and thin, which is comfortable for the scalp and also makes the hairline more natural, people won’t realize you are wearing a wig.

Ready And Go Wigs Body Wave Glueless 5x5 Lace Closure Wigs With Pre-Cut Lace

Recently glueless ready and go wigs are very hot in the hair market, these kinds of wigs are made of 3D dome cap, which is very comfortable and breathable to wear. At the same time, pre-cut lace and bleached knots also make you can wear the wig quickly and easily, with no skills needed, and very friendly to beginners and busy girls.

Short Body Wave Wigs Human Hair

short body wave wigs

As summer is coming, more and more people are preparing their vacation to bleach. It is not easy to maintain long hair during the holiday, so short body wave wigs are one of the good choices. The length is just perfect for vacation, with full and healthy ends, neither too long nor too short, it is comfortable to wear and easy to maintain, so you can enjoy the hairstyles during the summer vacation.

After reading this blog, have you got a good knowledge of what you need to know about the body wave? Yolissa Hair always offers the best body wave human hair to our clients with exclusive coupons and discounts on our website, please register the account to enjoy high member privileges.