Why HD Lace Wigs Are Expensive Than Swiss Lace Wigs?

   Most people know that HD lace wigs have more transparent lace colors than Swiss lace wigs. And the prices of HD lace wigs also are more expensive, why HD lace wigs are expensive than Swiss lace wigs? Today’s article will figure it out.

  1. What Are HD Lace Wigs?

  HD lace wigs are high definition lace wigs that have thinner, lighter laces that can make the hairline more invisible. And HD lace wigs also match all skin colors without using lace tinting.

     2.Why HD Lace Wigs Are Expensive Than Swiss Lace Wigs?

1) Special Lace Materials

   Most people know that HD lace is a highly transparent lace, but why it is highly transparent? Because the HD lace is particularly light, thin, and invisible than other Swiss laces. In other words, the holes of HD lace are extremely small, and the HD lace is extremely soft.

  The 100% virgin human hairs are hand-tied on the lace by workers to avoid shedding and tangle problems. The holes of a normal lace are bigger than an HD lace. Making a normal Swiss lace frontal also need to cost 2-3 working days. The production process of an HD lace frontal is more complex. Because the holes of the HD lace are smaller, and lace materials are softer. Making an HD lace frontal may need to cost 4-5 working days.

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2) The Cost Of Labor

   Before COVID-19, most HD laces are processed by our neighboring countries who have mature production technology, advanced processing technology. And now these neighboring countries have temporarily closed for almost one year because of the COVID-19. So most HD lace frontals now on the market are domestic. That means the production will take longer. That is why both sides of all the new HD lace frontals become narrow. Besides, the domestic charge for the workmanship has also increased by nearly ten times than neighboring countries. Markets of HD laces are tight at the moment. In order to meet the market demand, these kinds of new HD lace frontals are come out. So the prices of HD lace wigs and normal lace wigs now are more expensive than before the prices before COVID-19. You can get what you pay for, considering the high quality, the prices are reasonable. Don’t believe there will be some lace wigs at very cheap prices, the quality of them can’t be guaranteed.

  The market of HD lace wigs develops very fast, and will gradually be in short supply. The prices of HD lace wigs may swing in the short term. We suggest you can buy one as soon as possible if you like it.

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lace front wigs

      3. Typical HD Lace Wigs Recommendation

  According to lace types, HD lace wigs can be divided into two types: HD lace closure wigs and HD lace front wigs. Then I will talk about these two different types of HD lace wigs in detail.

1) HD Lace Closure Wigs

  There are two different lace sizes of HD lace closure wigs in Yolissa Hair, HD 5x5 lace closure wigs and HD 6x6 lace closure wigs. The suitable lace sizes of HD lace closure wigs are set in the middle of a human’s head. And HD lace closures have more convenient installations than HD lace front wigs. These wigs are friendly to all the beginners.

2) HD Lace Frontal Wigs

  We have HD 13x4 lace front wigs and HD 13x6 lace front wigs available now. HD lace front wigs have wider lace frontals than lace closures which can cover a human’s head from ear to ear. The HD lace front wigs always can reflect more real, natural hairlines and wig looks.