Go To Yolissa Hair’s Live Show To Get High Discount Or Join in Lucky Draw

Sometimes people will be dazed by so many hair products on our website. And some customers also find it difficult to pick up a suitable one from all types of hair or find their desired products more quickly. Don’t worry, your good friend, our nice colleague, Tina can help you solve all the above problems with a live show.

1. What is the live show?

 The live show is a platform where Tina can show different styles of hair products to our customers more fully. Every day, she will recommend some typical hair wigs in the video, and put on the wigs to display the wearing effect. I think the live show is a very good channel, you can see the visual effects of all kinds of wigs here directly.

What is the live show

During the live show, if you have any questions or any hair wigs want to see, you can leave a message on the live page directly. Tina will try to answer all the questions one by one and display the hair wigs as your preferences. It is just like chatting with your friends during shopping, what a pleasant thing.

2. Why should I watch the live show?      

1) You can get the information about discounts or new hair products for the first time. And Tina will always offer some greater discount coupons during the live show. People can use the coupons while placing orders on our website to get the discount.

2) In order to thank our customers for their nice support and cooperation these years, we prepared some great prizes. Including 7% off for wig order, $10 coupon no limit, silk bonnet, barque headband, baby hair brush, long eye-lashes, super gift pack. Sometimes we will add some extra presents, like $30 cash back, $50 cash back, free wigs, etc. The draw takes place every Wednesday and Friday night. Everyone has a chance to Join in the lucky draw during the live show to award a prize. If you win a prize in the lucky draw, the present will send out together with your ordered wig, and the coupons you can use on your next order.

3. The hot favorite wigs the in live show

1) Water Wave Long Lace Front Wigs

The water wave long human hair wig is always one of the most popular lace front wigs in Yolissa Hair. The longest hair lengths of this wig can reach 40 inches. It is a perfect hair product for people who both like long hair length and water wave.

Water Wave Long Lace Front Wigs

2) 613 Blonde Straight Lace Front Wigs

A 613 blonde wig is suitable for people who want to be shinning and sparkling. Straight also can reflect the mature temperament of women. No wonder it has become a hot commodity.

613 Blonde Straight Lace Front Wigs

3) #27 Honey Blonde Water Wave Lace Front Wig

Honey blonde is a soft color that can make people look graceful and gentle. This is a wig that can reflect your beauty but not ostentatious.

#27 Honey Blonde Water Wave Lace Front Wig

Besides, recently we have launched a special object named wigs combo. You can pay 1 get 2, 3, 4 wigs here. For example, like the below picture shows, pay one you can get two wigs in a set, one 613 lace front wig and one 613 4x4 bob wig.

More details please check the page of wigs combo: /cheap-wigs

one 613 lace front wig and one 613 4x4 bob wig

4. Two Channels of Live Show

1) On our official website: /

Or you can please click the below link to enter the live show directly.


2) Please kindly follow our official account: yolissa hair on Instagram. The live show here take place every night at the same time such as on our website, welcome to watch and join us!