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I am glad to share the good news with you-Our new Lace Part Wigs are coming. It’s one of the best-sellers when we put it in our store. Even many beauty influencers send messages to us, they want to try this new star.

Good News! The New Lace Part Wigs are Coming!

What is a Lace Part Wig? Why does someone say buy Lace Part Wigs, bye lace front wigs? Are you interested? Let’s talk about it together.

1 What Is A Lace Part Wig

The lace shaped a “T” on the top of the wigs. When you wear them, you will see the natural parting area. The front lace is for you to adjust the hairline and create a natural junction. Most peoples’ choice is Human Hair 13X4 Lace Part Wigs With Baby Hair.

What Is A Lace Part Wig

2 Lace Part Wigs VS Lace Front Wigs

The main difference between them is the lace area. See this picture, it’s more intuitive.

Lace Part Wigs VS Lace Front Wigs

We have made a clear parting area on the Lace Part Wigs. The baby hair is finished for you. And a natural hairline. Even no blench.

Lace front wigs more flexible. You can blench it, do medium part, side part and more hairstyles.

3 How To Wear Lace Part Wigs?

A Care the wigs

Though the wigs are gorgeous enough, in order to keep a long time, it’s a nice choice to care it before installing it.

There is an exhaustive blog about how to care for your beautiful wigs, as a reference.


B Wear it

Installs it directly? Yes! So easy. Do a simple makeup is fine, if you don’t want to do it , is fine.

4 Where To Buy Lace Part Wigs?

Of course YolissaHair.

Natural Black

Human Hair 13*4 Lace Part Wigs With Baby Hair

Very hot #27 color

#27 Honey Blonde Human Hair 13*4 Lace Part Wigs With Baby Hair 

Classic and stylish Burgundy

99J Burgundy Cheap 13*4 Lace Part Wigs With Baby Hair

Highlight Piano? Yes!

Highlight Piano Cheap 13*4 Lace Part Wigs

Yolissa Hair lace wigs store has been online for more than three ears and gained numerous loyal fans all over the world. We appreciate your support and are dedicated to developing more and more high-quality wig styles for popular Brazilian hair bundles characters.

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