Happy Easter Sale 

Life always needs various festivals to embellish, and the ritual sense of festivals makes ordinary life full of expectations. Another important holiday - Easter is coming soon, what are your expectations for it? Without exception, we will always launch promotions when the festival is approaching, so that customers can enjoy the shopping fun brought about by the festival.

Yolissa Hair Easter Day Sale

$20 Off Over $199

$30 Off Over $299

$50 Off Over $399


Come to Yolissa Hair to choose your exclusive Easter human hair wig!!!

(1) HD lace wigs

The majority of customers have a soft spot for HD lace wigs, HD lace wig is the most undetectable lace wig and the most popular hair trending in the beauty industry and human hair accessories. It was made with the best lace, when you wear it, you'll have a flawless hairline, and the lace is thin, high-definition, and blends perfectly with your scalp.

The production of HD lace wigs requires high technical standards, and the process is also very complicated. At first, many types of human wigs did not have HD lace, but as the technology matures, in Yolissa Hair, not only the natural color human wig has HD lace, but also HD lace headgear for colored hair is available. Such as 613 blonde wigs with HD lace, Honey blonde wigs with HD lace, different highlight wigs with HD lace, and so on. there are also different lace types customers could choose.

HD lace wigs

(2) Wear & Go Wigs

The new products of Yolissa Hair are always full of expectations. If you are an old customer of Yolissa, you will know that they often launch new human lace wigs to meet the different needs of customers.

As we all know, traditional lace frontal wig takes a long time to install, and some beginners even have to pay for a professional hair stylist to install it, and during the installation process, it is necessary to use glue to fix the hairline, and make the baby hair fits the forehead better. It's a troublesome process. But now, Yolissa’s wear and go wigs can solve these problems. just as its name implies, wear and go wigs that are quick and easy to wear, just put it on your head and then you can go and enjoy your new
hairstyle. No need for glue to install, pre-cut lace, pre-plucked hairline, and bleach knots. It is the best choice for beginners!

Wear and go wigs

(3) Highlight Wigs

For hairstyles, people always pursue trendy, unique, and more attractive. Yolissa highlight wigs will make your eyes shine. The perfect combination of two colors can make you stand out in the crowd, looking unique and beautiful. Strands of bright hair highlights make you look extra glamorous in the sun.

Yolissa exclusive original - brown wig with blonde highlights, which is detonated the entire market for human highlight wigs, and has been unanimously sought after by the majority of customers. There is also pink balayage on brown hair wigs, caramel honey blonde balayage on brown hair, ash blonde highlights on brown hair wigs, and so on.

Yolissa Hair provides highlight 13x4 lace front wigs and highlights 5x5 closure wig for different customers’ needs based on budget. You also could choose the different curly patterns. Come here, you are sure to be able to pick out the highlighter wigs that you like.

Highlight Wigs

To welcome Easter better, come to Yolissa Hair to choose your unique human lace wig!!!