Recommend Wigs By Influencers

There are many ways to learn about a brand, the most common of which is through recommendations from influential people. They used the hair, and share their real opinions and feelings about the hair. Many celebrities have recommended Yolissa’s hair on their social platforms. So today, we follow the influencers to see what human hair wigs are worth recommending?

(1)HD lace wigs recommend by Manta Oceane
Manta Oceane makes a great video on her YouTube channel, she tried on the body wave HD lace frontal wig and spoke highly of it. She said she was surprised by the quality when she opened the package. She showed the lace part in detail and said that the lace was not discolored and custom very well, crazy like her skin, and really clean, she likes the lace very much. She prefers HD lace, because it is much easier for her, she said if the quality lace is not good, when you glue it, you will not get a natural hairline, and you will struggle with it so often, but HD lace will not like that. And for this wig, she said curls, length, and everything is perfect, and this is one of her best wigs!

HD lace wig has always been loved by people for its unique advantages. High-definition lace, super good quality, natural hairline, and extremely breathable hair cap, it almost meets all people's requirements and expectations for human hair wigs. HD lace wig is also Yolissa’s flagship and best-selling product. Body waves are also very popular. They make people look more charming and easier to maintain. You don’t need to spend a lot of energy to maintain the curvature of the waves. It is also suitable for many occasions. It will be a better choice for most customers.

In Yolissa hair, there are so many different styles of HD lace wig, such as HD 5x5 lace closure wig, HD 13x4 lace frontal wig, and HD 13x6 lace frontal wig. In addition to the natural black color, there are also many colorful and highlighted HD lace wigs, customers can choose different HD lace wigs according to different needs.

HD lace wigs

(2)#P4/613 Lace Front Wigs recommend by Melle
Melle recently tried the P4/613 body wave lace front wig of Yolissa Hair and shared it on her YouTube channel. At the beginning of the video, you can see some beautiful pictures of her with an amazing highlight human hair wig. It is a #P4/613 highlight wig, which is the exclusive original product of Yolissa Hair. Melle said she was rocked by this wig, it is super unique. She is impressed with this hairline, so natural and she doesn’t do too much to install it.

This highlight wig is the leading product of highlight human hair wigs, and it also makes more and more people know about Yolissa Hair. Now it is the best-selling blonde highlight wig in Yolissa Hair!

It is a brown wig with blonde highlights, the two colors are perfectly blended according to a certain proportion, making the entire wig look very eye-catching. If you are tired of the changeless black color, then it is time to try some colorful colors, that will surprise you and blows your mind.

For this wig, from 14 inches to 30 inches, you can choose its length at will. It also has various options for lace size, 5x5 lace, 13x4 lace, and 13x6 lace with two lace colors, like HD lace and transparent lace. You can choose the lace size freely as you like. It's a color worth trying!

 highlight wigs

(3)613 Blonde Wigs recommend by Vivian Yeboah
Among colored human hair wigs, 613 color is the most popular and loved color. Many influencers like it, including Vivian Yeboah, she is dark skin girl, who got a 613 body wave HD lace front wig and made a video about transforming a blonde wig to be suitable for dark skin. As usual, the wig comes pre-curled, pre-plucked, and also pre-parted. In the video, she shows the knots of the wig, which are super small, in the video, she bleaches the knots and hair, after that, the wigs still maintain a good quality, not much shedding, and it is very shiny.

Blonde wigs can be dyed into any color you want, or modified into other tones. It is very flexible and is usually preferred by experienced hairstylists as if by magic, they turned the 613 blonde wigs into a surprise. When you have an occasion and need to take some beautiful photos, then wearing a 613 human hair wig is a good choice for you. It will make you be found in the crowd at a glance, making you more outstanding and eye-catching, especially in the sunshine. Underneath, the golden hair looks even more charming.

As we know, the 613 wigs usually with transparent lace, but in Yolissa Hair, customers can choose one 613 wigs with HD lace, it is amazing, right? So customers of any skin tone can choose a suitable 613 wig at Yolissa Hair.

613 blonde wigs

High-quality hair will naturally be recommended by many influencers. So the above are some main human wigs recommended by many influencers. Of course, Yolissa Hair also has many other high-quality products waiting for customers to choose from. You could get quality and ideal hair at Yolissa!