The Latest Star Product - PU Wigs!

PU wig normally is the latest star product which we just launched this year on our website. But some people don’t really know about this product, and today the following pages will undoubtedly help you to know and understand all information about it.

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1. What Is A PU Wig?

PU wigs are made by the 2x5 closure on the top, and several human hair bundles. There are two layers of the closure. The first layer is made by polyurethane, each PU hole is fused with human hair together. The second layer is a light fake skin base which is soft, comfortable, and can be a perfect match for your scalp. Complete detailed internal structure please kindly check the below picture for reference.

What Is A PU Wig?

The PU Silk Top Wigs are definitely the upgraded version of the normal lace wigs. As PU wigs don’t have lace closure or lace frontal, the knots of PU wigs are invisible, and it is no need to bleach anymore. It really saves time for people on installation. Each hair in each PU hole mimics the natural hair growth, which can help your wigs be more like your real human scalp. Every PU wig we all did pre-plucked with baby hair around the forehead before selling out, in order to help our customers’ hairstyles be more natural and real after wearing it. PU silk wigs also support various hairstyles, other colors or textures also can customize as your request, welcome to contact us if you need it.

PU wigs are also called PU silk top fake scalp wigs, as they both no bleached knots needed, no wig cap needed, and no makeup needed. But the price of PU silk top wigs is more competitive than silk base wigs, as it only has a little extra lace on the forehead. In some ways, it can be the replacement of silk base wigs. Affordable prices and easy to wear make it be a great choice for all beginners.

2. How To Wear PU Wig

PU wigs only have a little extra lace on the forehead, so the installation will be easier than normal lace wigs. Normally it only needs 3 steps to put on a PU top wig:

1)  Firstly, you need to process your own hair and make it be flat on your scalp. The more flat you do, the more real the whole hairstyle will be after installing it.

2)  Secondly, you can put on the PU wigs directly. As the PU wigs only have one middle capsize, and we all put an adjustable strap on each PU top wig, you can use it to adjust the size until the wigs fit your scalp well. After finding the right position, you can please use the combs which are at both sides of PU wigs to secure it.

3)  Finally, you only need to cut the extra lace on the forehead, and all the works are done. The closures of PU silk wigs are not wide, only 2 inches long, no need to use glue. All these features are friendly to beginners to handle it and convenient to wear and remove.

3. Where To Buy It?

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This year is the third year of Yolissa Hair and also another year of growth together with all our customers. We couldn’t be there without all of your loving support. We decided to thanks all of you for providing big sales.