What do you need to apply a lace front wig

Lace front wigs are the most popular wigs in the beauty market. It is the top choice for women that want to have a natural hairline. With the large width and depth of lace, the lace front wigs can help buyers create various hairstyles.

But how to put on the lace front wig? Follow us and learn.

1. Prepare lace front wig

When get lace front wig, the women need to test and adjust the wig to see if the wig cap can fit the head. There are adjustable straps in the back of the wig, can tighten or loosen it to make it fit perfectly. But if the women try all and the wig is still not fit, please contact the vendor for help.

Clean the wig before wearing it to remove any crumbs left during its manufacture is important. The people can also condition it in the meantime to make the hair more luster and be full of nutrition.

All the lace front wigs come with pre-plucked, but if want more, please also do it first. The women can put it on a wig standing and pluck it out to create a natural hairline, dont pull the lace to avoid tearing it.

2. Prepare natural hair

When wear the lace front wig to create a good looking, dont forget our natural hair. Before wearing, it is better to care for natural hair to avoid hair problems for own hairs.

Then the women can braid own hair or make a low ponytail then secure with bobby bins to create a flat surface. The closer the hair fits the head, the better the wig will look.

3. Put on the wig cap

Place the wig cap gently on the head, making sure it covers all of your head, even the hair around the neck and edges. Be sure to use a wig cap close to the skin tone to make the wig look more natural. Or the women can put some powder on it and let it melt better.

What do you need to apply a lace front wig

4. Cut the extra lace

Now it is time to cut the extra lace. Put on the lace front wig, and set it in a suitable status. Then use scissors to cut the extra lace around the corner near your ears and along your hairline, making sure that don't cut the hair, the women can leave about 3mm of lace on the wig. If the women are not confident to cut it successfully, can draw a line as a guide.

What do you need to apply a lace front wig

5. Prepare your skin

Take off the wig and rub some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and rub along the hairline. This will remove excess oil from the skin and prepare for a wig installment. If the skin is sensitive, apply scalp protective serum after rubbing alcohol.

6. Use a liquid adhesive or wig tape

If use a liquid adhesive, the women can place adhesive along the edge of the wig cap at the hairline. Using the cold air setting of a hairdryer, blow-dry the glue for about 30 seconds.

If use wig tape, the women can cut some small pieces and glue them to the hairline part. Please make sure all full hairline is applied.

What do you need to apply a lace front wig

7. Put on the lace front wig

Gently stretch and put the lace front wig on the head. Then adjust the wig to make sure it covers all the edges of the head and that the hairline is in the right place. Then press part of the hairline against the glue area or wig tape until the wig is secured to the head. If there is excess glue, the women can put a small amount of rubbing alcohol on the towel and carefully pat the edge of the hairline to remove it, but do not rub the glue on the lace.

8. Style the wig

Then the women can style the hair according to liking to make a wonderful looking. The wig has a large lace size, can be made into a middle, side, and free parting. And 100% human lace front wig can be curled or straightened with appropriate heat tools and correct temperature.

What do you need to apply a lace front wig

In the whole hair market, there are hundreds of lace front wigs for the choice. The most common ones are 13x6 lace front wigs, 13x4 lace front wigs and 360 wigs. And there are many different curls and different colors to choose from. The women can choose the front wigs as like. The best lace front wigs are high-quality wigs that fit the skin and face shape. Yolissa provides 100% human lace front wigs of good quality.

Lace front wigs recommendation:

1. HD lace front wig

As we all know, HD lace front wigs have undetectable lace that can melt to all skin tones. To achieve the perfect hairline and natural-looking, HD lace frontal wigs are more and more popular. Put on an HD lace front wig, no one will find that it is not your real hair. Yolissa not only has HD lace wigs in the classic straight and body wave wigs, but also water wave, loose deep, deep wave, and curly wigs.

What do you need to apply a lace front wig

2. Water wave lace front wigs

Water wave lace front wigs are the top-selling in Yolissa Hair. The water wave gets its name because of its characteristics. The texture of water wave wigs is similar to the waves on the water surface. The flows just like water. It has big curls which makes it look natural. You will become elegant when you wear it. We provide a variety of styles of water wave frontal wigs. Except for the normal natural black color water wave lace front wig, we also make #27 color water wave lace front wigs and #99J water wave lace front wigs. Different colors bring different temperaments to you.

What do you need to apply a lace front wig

3. Highlight lace front wigs

Highlight wigs are a new trend. Have you got your highlight lace front wigs? Most lace front wigs come with only one single hair color. Highlight lace front wigs are mixed two colors, dark hair color with lighter highlights pieces, and mixed perfectly, to give you a fashionable and gorgeous looking! Human hair wigs with highlights make you look younger and distinctive. With the highlight hair wigs, you're unique in the crowd. Every client who gets tired of normal color wigs, come and get one!

What do you need to apply a lace front wig

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