Yolissa Hair Exclusive Official Website

There are plenty of customers who asked us, do you have a store on AliExpress or Amazon? No, the only shopping website is our official site: www.yolissahair.com. Do not trust the stores with the same name on other website. Do not purchase hairs on other websites, in case of scams.

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In addition, the brown wig with blonde highlights is super hot on Instagram recently is an exclusive original by Yolissa Hair. The influencer @thechungeffect who first wears the brown and blonde highlight wig set off a highlight wig fashion craze! Now some other stores upload the same wig on their Instagram to attract customers. The wig is a bomb right now and this amazing popular wig is our Yolissa Hair exclusive original.

Yolissa Hair Exclusive Official Website

Except for the highlight wigs, do you love the 613 blonde wigs or honey blonde wigs?

1. 613 Blonde Wigs

Customers buy 613 blonde wigs because the color is light and most customers can dye the hair into another color they like. Yolissa Hair has been selling 613 blonde wigs for many years, which created a good reputation in the hair market. Customers prefer to purchase 613 blonde hair from Yolissa Hair for its good quality and great customer service. Also, there are many options for different curl patterns.

For 613 blonde colors, we have body wave wigs and crimped wigs. Especially there are straight 613 blonde wigs which are on sale that buy one get one free. Customers can choose different lace sizes, such as 13x4/13x6/6x6/5x5/4x4. They are luxury wigs and affordable wigs. The 613 blonde wigs also become a brand symbol of our company.

Yolissa Hair Exclusive Official Website

2. Honey Blonde Wigs

Honey blonde wig is not as light as 613 blonde wigs. The color #27 honey blonde is a color between blonde and light brown. Customers prefer to purchase the wigs from Yolissa Hair because Yolissa Hair gives the color its charm. What’s more, the 1B/27 color wigs are also popular in the hair market. The dark roots on the wig make the wig more natural-looking and reality, just like your own hair.

For #27 honey blonde wigs, we sell body wave wigs, water wave wigs, crimped wigs as well as natural curly wigs. How about the lace size? Yes, you can purchase the 13x4 lace front wig, and 5x5 lace closure wig according to your need.

Tips: there are cheap wigs with 4x4 lace closure on-site, get something that is not expensive!

Yolissa Hair Exclusive Official Website

The colored wigs are the best-selling items that distinguish our website from other websites.

Honey blonde is strong plasticity, can be matched with various colors. Yolissa Hair makes highlight wigs such as P4/27 color, 1B/27 color, 27/613 color as well. Here we recommend the P4/27 highlight wigs. Based on the dark brown color, the honey blonde highlights look like sunshine in the early morning. With all curl patterns selling on the website, customers can choose straight hair, water wave wigs, deep wave wigs, of course, curly wigs are worth having a try. Whatever 13x4 lace front wigs, or 5x5 lace closure wigs, you definitely will love them.

Yolissa Hair Exclusive Official Website

Not only colored wigs, but also there are hot-selling natural black wigs, HD lace wigs, and so on. But make sure you are looking through the correct Yolissa Hair official site:www.yolissahair.com.

Come and start your trip of beauty with Yolissa Hair!