Yolissa Hair Mother's Day Sale

May is a good season for everything, and the arrival of early summer is accompanied by neither hot nor cold temperatures. The breeze always makes people feel extremely comfortable, the warm sun is as warm as a mother's embrace. In May, there is also a very important holiday - Mother's Day. Mother's Day is a day of honoring mothers, celebrated in different forms around the world. On that day, many people will carefully prepare a holiday gift for their mother to express their love and gratitude to their mother. Many merchants will also launch many promotions on the occasion of Mother's Day, so that those who want to express their hearts can buy high-quality and low-cost gifts. Yolissa Hair is sure no exception.

On Mother’s Day, you can enjoy up to 50% discount with an extra 15% off sitewide

Mother's Day Sale

(1) HD Lace Wigs

As the most classic human hair wigs, the HD lace wigs cannot go wrong as a gift. High-definition lace, high quality, comfortable experience feeling, will be loved by mother. HD lace is thinner and more sheer than traditional lace, giving you a more authentic and natural look.

Yolissa Hair provides many different kinds of HD lace wigs. There are not only natural black colors with HD lace wig, but also with different colors of hair, such as honey blonde HD lace wigs, 613 blonde HD lace wigs, and many highlight colored with HD lace. Whether your mother prefers natural or colored hair, you can find the right one. In addition to this, Yolissa HD wigs include different lace types, which are HD 13x4 lace front wigs, HD 13x6 lace frontal wigs, HD 5x5 lace closure wigs, and HD 6x6 closure wigs. Customers can choose different HD lace wigs according to different budgets.

HD lace wigs

(2) Ready & Go Wigs

In the impression of many people, mothers are busy, because they have to work, take care of children, and take care of the family. It is a very hard role. Therefore, a headgear that is easy and quick to wear is undoubtedly the greatest convenience for them.

Ready & go wigs is the best choice for them, which is bringing them beauty, it also saves a lot of time and a lot of tedious installation steps.
ready & go wigs is a new style of wig, the wearer only needs 3 seconds to wear it, no need any skill, no need glue. But it is also with pre-plucked hairline, pre-cut lace, and bleach knots. It's perfect for busy moms to wear daily.

Wear and go wigs

(3) Highlight Wigs

Beauty is the nature of every woman, even mothers are no exception, regardless of age, the pursuit of beauty is the wish of every woman. Therefore, highlighting wigs is no longer exclusive to young people, but also loved by older mothers.

The highlighter wig looks more vibrant than the pure human hair wigs. Different colors are perfectly blended according to a certain proportion, making the whole person look more youthful. Yolissa Hair provides all kinds of lace frontal wigs with highlights for your choice. Which is including an exclusive original - brown wig with blonde highlights wig, pink balayage on brown hair wigs, caramel honey blonde balayage on brown hair, black wig with honey blonde highlights, and so on. Anyway, you can find any color you like in Yolissa Hair.

Highlight Wigs

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