What do you know about wigs? If you had to choose a virgin hair wig, which factor is most important to you? Color, style,or size? Wigs are made in two types: machine made and handmade. Do you know the difference between a machine-made wig and a handmade lace wig?

Yolissahair: Machine Made Wigs Vs Handmade Lace Wigs

First of all, let's take a look at the characteristics of machine made wigs.

1. Time. Machine-made wigs are produced in large quantities, and usually a large number of orders can be completed in a relatively short time. Therefore, you can choose to use the machine for large and urgent orders. And it can be last longer without lace, while the lace on head tied wigs may easy to be damaged and shedding sometimes.

2. Cost. The machines made wigs are produced in large quantities and have fixed weft threads, so they cost less in manpower and material resources. It is cheaper and a great economical option.

3. Comfort. The machine made wig all made by sewing wefts without lace, but still with three combs and adjustable straps to fix. So we don’t need to glue down the lace on forehead, just put it on head. It is easy to take off at night,which can protect the hair and sleep comfortable without the wig.

4. Variability. Machine made wigs are limited on part design and parting space.
But since it was made by bundles without lace, it provide more possible on hair colors. Whichever color of the hair you want, there is no need to worry that the lace will be dyed to that color. And machine made wigs usually with bangs, which looks elegant , changeable and mysterious.

machine made wigs vs handmade wigs

Secondly, let's take a look at handmade lace wigs(all of them are about lace wigs, like transparent lace wig, water wave lace wigs).

1. Time. Handmade wigs are almost all lace wigs, which require far more manpower and time than machine-made wigs. In addition, handmade wigs cannot be completed well in the prescribed time for large and urgent orders.

2. Cost. Handmade wigs require a lot of human and material resources, the procedure is more complex, so the cost will be higher.

3. Comfort. Handmade wigs are almost all about lace wigs, so they can be much more comfortable and breathable.

4. Variability. Handmade wigs can be supplemented by many other requirements, such as designing where the lace are placed: free part, middle part, three part or even side part? How wide and deep the lace is: 4*4/5*5/6*6/2*6 or 13*4/13*6/360 or full lace? They can meet most customers' various needs.

Hand-made lace wigs have the most natural look and natural hairline and baby hair because of lace and weft are free, giving them unlimited parting and styling versatility.

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