All You Need To Know About Bob Wigs Series Human Hair

 The bob wigs always last forever and never go out of style, all types of bob wigs in Yolissa Hair are welcome warmly by our customers. So why it can keep popping up in the wigs’ field? Today’s topic will give you an answer.

1. The advantages of Bob Style Wigs

1) Trendy and fabulous

  Compared with other common long hair lace wigs, bob wigs look more casual and relax. It will make you feel lighter and comfortable while wearing it. Even many world superstars also have tried out this chic hairstyle, like Katy Perry, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence. Bob wigs have a good reputation throughout the world. The various styles can work with all face shapes, will be suitable for all of you.

2) Easy to style

  In Yolissa Hair, we have a total of 6 different personalized styles, including Body Wave, Curly, Deep Wave, Loose Deep, Straight, and Water Wave. Besides, our bob wigs are all made by 100% human hair, it accepts to curl and straighten. You can style it freely by yourself in the home or work on it with hairstylists in the hair salon. Do different hairstyles always keep you fresh.

The advantages of Bob Style Wigs

3) Require less maintenance

  The hair length of short bob wigs is shorter than other long hair wigs, so it is more convenient and easier to preserve. But you still need to spend some time nursing your bob wigs. The use of correct products for hair care may protect your hair. We will not recommend any hair care product here, as different countries have their own different best products, you can consult with your favorite hair care professional to have some suggestions.

4) More affordable and competitive price

  The hair wigs’ price change with the hair length. So under the same hair color and hair type, the price of the shorter one is more affordable and competitive. If you have budget limits, a bob wig is a great choice.

2. The Type List of Bob Wigs

  The bob wigs can be broadly classified into two types, bob lace closure wigs and bob lace front wigs. The difference between these two types of bob wig is the area part of swiss lace. The swiss lace of the bob lace front wig is wider than the bob lace closure wig.

The swiss lace of the bob lace front wig is wider than the bob lace closure wig.

1. 4x4 human hair bob wigs

2. 5x5 bob cut wigs

3. 6x6 short bob wigs

  Now we have 3 types of lace closure wigs on sale on our website, including 4x4, 5x5, and 6x6. You can see the differences between these 3 types by the below picture. The width of the lace and the depth of the parting space are both different, so the area part of the whole laces are different. The lace closure wig is also named beginner-friendly wig, as it is easy to wear, people can install it conveniently without glue. Besides, all the lace closure wigs in Yolissa Hair have done pre-plucked with baby hair that makes your hairline more real and natural.

all the lace closure wigs in Yolissa Hair have done pre-plucked with baby hair that makes your hairline more real and natural.

4. 13x4 bob wigs human hair

  Another hot selling type of bob wigs is the bob lace front wig, the width of the lace part is from ear to ear, it offers enough space to help customers parting the lace more freely, (including free part, middle part, and three part) they can do multiple hairstyles on it. For the detailed structure of the cap please kindly check the below picture.

13x4 bob wigs human hair

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