Adorable Barbie Wig
I believe that many people have watched the latest Barbie movie, and the colorful pictures in the movie have left a deep impression on many people. The pink Barbie Kingdom is like a fairy tale world. The characters in the play, with blonde pink hair and colored hair, look very charming. Do you also want to have such beautiful and charming hair? Come to Yolissa Hair, you won't regret it!

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(1) 613 Blonde Wigs
613 blonde wig is one of the most classic colors of hair. Its attractive color, suitable for a variety of skin tones, has been deeply loved by consumers. At the same time, its quality is high, and it still maintains this healthy hair quality after bleaching and dyeing. Customers can dye it any color they like, and hair stylists love it too.

In Yolissa Hair, 613 human hair wig is also divided into many different color schemes. For the pure blonde wigs, there are different styles, such as #613 ready and go wigs, blonde layered human hair wigs, and 613 bob wigs. For the 613 highlight wigs, there is a variety of color matching. Including the most popular brown wig with blonde highlights wigs, stylist custom #P18/613 blonde hair with lowlight lace front wigs, 4/613 ombre 613 blonde hair wigs, and so on. There are also some recently updated hair colors, yolissa's brown mix of blonde human hair wigs, Yolissa's ash grey to blonde ombre wigs, Yolissa's pearl blonde human hair wig, and Yolissa's straight blonde highlight wig with silver highlights on blonde human hair.

In addition to colors, different curves and lace types are available. 613 blonde 13x4 lace front wigs, 13x6 lace front wigs and affordable blonde 4x4 closure wigs, 5x5 closure wigs, 6x6 closure wigs 10-30 Inch long blonde wigs and 150%-250% hair density.

Have to say, Yolissa has done a great job of constantly updating the product.

613 blonde wigs

(2) Pink Human Hair Wigs
In Barbie movies, characters with pink hair are always impressive. Pink hair makes people look more cute, just like a princess in a fairy tale world. In yolissa, you can also have a beautiful pink human hair wig. Barbie light pink lace front wigs with straight human hair 12-28 inches 180% density is the best choice. In addition, the pink highlight wigs are also a very good choice. Such as pink balayage on brown hair wigs, pink skunk stripe hair on brown color straight lace front wigs, short straight black bob wig with peekaboo pink highlights, and pink and black lace front wigs human hair.

So many different styles of wigs for your requirement, different curly patterns, and lace types for your budget.

Pink Human Hair Wigs

(3) Colored bob wigs
In summer, a refreshing short bob wig is also very popular. In Yolissa Hair , Bob wig is no longer a single black, but can have a variety of beautiful colors, various curvatures, and lace types.

For pure color bob wigs, there are 613 blonde bob wigs, ginger orange hair color short curly bob wigs, dark auburn hair color curly bob wigs, and burnt orange hair color blunt cut bob wigs. For the highlight bob wigs, there are short straight black bob wig with peekaboo pink highlights bob wig, brown to blonde hair ombre short straight bob wig, straight short blonde bob hair blonde ombre wig with dark brown roots, short ash blonde ombre human hair straight lace bob wigs, and brown curly wig with blonde highlights short bob lace front wigs.

Yolissa's continuous development and innovation allow more new products to be displayed in front of the majority of customers, keeps product updates alive forever, and allow customers to always have multiple choices.

Colored bob wigs

Come to Yolissa Hair to choose your Barbie human wig!!!