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Short bob lace front wig is a special style for people, as it cuts your hair off and changes your hair length to short, completely two different feelings to a long wig. Many women are afraid and hesitated to make this big change, they don’t know if a short hairstyle is suitable for themselves. We have bob lace front wigs for sale in Yolissa Hair, various hair textures, and colors for both short bob wigs addicts and beginners.

1. The textures of Bob Cut Wigs

There are multiple different hair textures of bob wigs on our website, including straight, body wave, deep wave, loose deep, water wave. Different hairstyles can reflect different personalities. 

 The textures of Bob Cut Wigs

Straight bob hair is a classic and simple style, suitable for all age groups. Choosing straight bob wig when you don’t know which is better for you, the classic gift idea never fails.

Body wave bob hair is a common wave in real life, as it is like a “snake” shape, similar to the natural-looking of real human hair. Women can restyle it easily, no matter straight or curl.

Deep wave bob hair and loose deep bob hair are both ladder-shaped, ups and downs in the same direction. The difference between these two hair textures is the level of curls, loose deep is a little looser than the deep wave. You can choose whichever based on your likings.

Water wave bob hair is also called natural wave, like its name, the wave of water wave is like the water ripples. It is one of the most popular textures in Yolissa Hair.

2. Bob Wigs Combo Deal

  Recently we launched a new promotion, named wigs combo. It means you only need to buy one but can get 2 or 3, even 4 wigs. Popular bob lace front wigs are the leading role of this event. Then we will introduce four great bob wigs combos below.

1) Pay one get three bob wigs: 3 wigs in one package

  In this bob wigs combo, pay one you can get 3 different 4x4 lace closure bob wigs with two different colors (1B natural black and 613 Blonde) and two different textures (Straight and Water Wave), including one 613 straight bob wig, one 1B straight bob wig, one 1B water wave bob wig. Packing 3 wigs in one package make the deal more affordable and competitive. 

Pay one get three bob wigs: 3 wigs in one package

2) Pay one get four bob wigs: Bob wigs with bang in 4 colors

  Bob wigs with bang can make people look younger and adorable, and now we provide you with 4 different colors (1B, #4, #27, #99J) bob wigs in one wigs combo. One order can meet your different requirements. Clicking the below picture, you can enter the product page directly, don’t wait, buy it!

Pay one get four bob wigs: Bob wigs with bang in 4 colors

3) Pay one get one long hair wigs + one short bob wigs

    All wigs in a combination are bob wigs may be a little monotonous, you can try another new fresh combos at this time, like one long hair wig with one short bob wig. In Yolissa Hair, we have two wigs combos are in this combination form. One is two 613 straight lace wigs in one set but in different hair length. The other is one 613 long water wave lace wig with one curly short bob wig. Getting two different styles wigs to get double happiness in one time.

Pay one get one long hair wigs + one short bob wigs

Besides, if you want other styles and colors of bob wigs, please feel free to contact us via We will reply as soon as possible once we get the email.