yolissa hair 613 blonde wigs

What is the recommended wig in summer? Wig lovers who may give the definite answer: 613 blonde wigs. The wigs have been hot-selling wigs in Yolissa Hair for many years. Customers buy the 613 blonde wigs for different occasions, like vacations, photo shoots, birthday parties, etc. Have you ever got a 613 wig for your upcoming summer? Just read the article to find the hair you like.

613 blonde wigs

1. Why Choose Yolissa Hair 613 Blonde Wigs?
Blonde hair used to be thought more suitable for light-skin customers. As time goes on, more and more black women are daring to push themselves and try new hairstyles and colors. Til now, the blonde color has become an exotic and confident symbol regardless of skin tone. Yolissa Hair 613 blonde wigs are extremely popular among African women. Since the blonde color is dyed and bleached from natural black hair, which has a strict requirement on hair quality, softness, and silkiness. Yolissa Hair always picks super-grade human hair material and processes the hairs to a high standard at each step by skilled hair stylists.

Moreover, Yolissa Hair makes 613 blonde wigs with 100% human hair and in a healthy processing method. The dyes and bleaching products used in making hair are guaranteed quality, non-polluting, and non-hazardous to your scalp.

In a word, Yolissa Hair blonde wigs are a longer lifespan, seldom shedding or tangling with proper hair care. A lot of buyers review the wigs on their social media, which makes Yolissa Hair brand well-known. You can trust the brand and its technology.

2. How Do 613 Blonde Wigs Work?
613 blonde color can be dyed into any other color because it is light blonde and still with a natural luster after bleaching. Some customers purchase 613 blonde wigs for daily use or photo shoot. But the other part of customers prefers to dye it to their wish color, which is changeable. Also, the blonde color is easy to blend with other colors, whatever color combination, it looks so natural and has no sense of violation at all.

In addition, you can re-curl and do various styles with the blonde hair in an appropriate way. There is no doubt Yolissa Hair 613 blonde wigs can be dyed & permed & restyled under professional guidance, but please note to take good care after that.

613 blonde wigs can be dyed

Here I will share several highly recommended wigs in Yolissa Hair.
Best-Selling 613 Blonde Wigs
The most popular wigs are 13x4 blonde lace wigs, including body wave wigs and straight wigs. The lace is 13 inches wide from ear to ear and 4 inches deep. Customers can do free parts within the lace area. Not only transparent lace, but you can also choose HD lace, and invisible lace, which matches all skins. Most importantly, customers can dye their hair randomly and restyle the wigs by themselves (Make sure you are professional on this). With great quality and correct method, the risk of damaging hair is quite low. There is no need to visit a salon frequently paying a lot of money.

Except for 13x4 lace, the 13x6 lace front wigs of blonde color are Yolissa Hair's features. It is a 6-inch deep parting space and a wide lace area on both sides. With the larger lace area, you can comb the hairs in all directions. Whatever the middle part, side part, or updo, it can be handled easily. It is worth mentioning that the price of 13x6 blonde wigs is quite favorable, and the price will not be inflated because of the large area of lace. You should have a try!

Hair Stylist Customized 613 Blonde Bob Wig With Brown Roots
The 613 blonde bob wig with dark brown roots is hand-made by our professional hair stylist. If you are concerned that the 613 colors look a bit garish on your skin, we suggest you choose the bob wigs with brown hair roots. The color is well connected, and the lace melts better, just like your own hair on your scalp. The pre-plucked hairline makes the installation easier and time-saving. And the key is that the price is super affordable. There are options for 4x4 lace and 13x4 lace. The price range is from $95.99 to $151.33, do not miss such affordable wigs when you have a limited budget.

613 Blonde Bob Lace Wigs

New Arrivals Of Blonde Wigs With Highlights
Milk Tea Brown With Blonde Skunk Stripe Wigs
The milk-tea brown color is so lovely with a skunk strip in the front. Its soft color and body wave texture make the wig look gentle and intellectual. If you are a working woman, it is a good choice for the office, elegant yet playful. With a natural hairline of 13x4 lace and a length from 14 inches to 26 inches, the wig will meet all your needs.

Platinum Blonde Lace Front Wig

Yolissa Platinum Blonde Lace Front Wig With Dark Roots
The platinum blonde color is hot among light skin customers. But dark skin customers can also own a wig with dark roots. It looks natural a lot on different skins. The wig is pretty and glam, great for daily wear, and the best wig for parties & fashion shows. Customers can contact the service for customization on length and density.

With so many beautiful 613 blonde color-related wigs, does your heart thrill now? Yolissa Hair has been exploring the new trend in the hair market. Save the page then order a wig and follow the latest fashion-style wigs!