How To Reduce The Static Electricity Of Hair In Spring?

   Has anything like that ever happened? The hair wigs get full of static when people comb them. Most people don't like that feeling, they want to try to figure it out and deal with it. Today’s article will talk about the static electricity in hair wigs. Including what is static electricity? What causes static electricity in hair wigs? How to reduce the static electricity of hair in spring? People who are interested in those questions, don’t miss this article.

  Reducing static electricity of hair wigs is not only for a much better user experience but also an efficient way to maintain the hair wigs.

  1. What is Static Electricity?

  Static electricity is an imbalance of electric charges within or on the surface of a material. Static electricity is named in contrast with current electricity, which flows through wires or other conductors and transmits energy.

     2.What Causes Static Electricity In Hair Wigs?

  In the same way, the generated static electricity through the friction of a hair wig and a brush. The hair looks even much more dim and dull after the winter because the static causes dryness and friction. That is also why some people get static electricity in their hair wigs in early spring. The haircut is very needed after winter is over.

  Comparisons of different types of hair wigs show that long hair wigs and curly wigs are easier to develop a static problem than short bob wigs and straight wigs. Colored hair wigs like 613 blonde wigs also are easier to get static electricity than natural black wigs.

   static hair

   3.How To Reduce The Static Electricity Of Hair Wigs In Spring?

  It is not difficult to reduce the static electricity of hair wigs in spring. Please kindly check the blow useful ways.

3.1 Regular Haircut

  All the hair wigs in Yolissa Hair are made of 100% virgin human hair. The hair of hair wigs will become dry. A regular haircut is necessary, all girls can go to hair salons to find professional hairstylists to trim off the split ends, or they also can do it at home by themselves.


3.2 Daily Hair Care

  No need for extra care, people can choose to take care of hair wigs in their daily life. There are some daily care tips for hair wigs:

1) Wash hair wigs with lukewarm water regularly.

2) Use good-quality hair shampoos to wash hair wigs gently.

3) Use a wide-teeth comb or fingers to brush hair wigs.

4) Don’t brush hair wigs then they are wet.

5) Better not sleep with a hair wig.

6) Air dry hair wigs.

7) Never use a hairdryer too near the hair, or set it on too high a temperature.

8) If do not use the hair wigs, please put them on wig stands, store them in a cool, dry place that should be avoided hot and sunshine.

Regular Haircut 

3.3 Use Moisturizing Conditioner

   After leaving the human scalps, hair of hair wigs loses the life-supporting nutrition, will be easier to lose up to more water during the day. Then the hair will lose luster, become dry, break easily, bifurcate, and thinning gradually. Natural moisturizing ingredients can nourish and enhance hair.  

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3.4 Do Deep-Conditioning Treatment

  Regular do deep-conditioning treatment will help improve the condition of the hair of hair wigs over time. Doing it less frequently, do deep-conditioning treatment for hair wigs every one or two weeks.

3.5 Use A Wide-Teeth Metal Comb To Brush Wigs

  It is easier to produce static electricity when people run a plastic comb through the hair wig on a dry day. Shielding plastic is one functional way that can resist static electricity. People can choose to use a metal wide-teeth comb to brush their hair wigs. 

    4. Where To Buy A Hair Wig?

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