Yolissa Hair Summer Sale

Some people like autumn because the weather is more agreeable in comparison with other seasons. Some people like winter because they enjoy skiing, skating, and sledding in the winter. Some people like spring because it is warm and can bring you inspiration. Most people hate the hot, humid summers. But for some people, they also think summer is an attractive season.  

  1. Summer Is Coming

The beauty of a woman regardless of the season. Many women are starting to plan for their new summer looks. A suitable hair wig is a must-have for summer. Winter passed, spring slowly in the past, the temperature is rising, that summer is not far away. Yolissa Hair has prepared a special summer sale for all new and old customers. With the summer sales in full swing, it makes sense to stock up on hair wigs for the coming summer. Please kindly read on and get more information about the summer sale, and create a breath-taking ensemble for the summer.

   2.Summer Sale

There's a growing appreciation that superficially similar groups of customers may have very different preferences in terms of what they want to buy and how they want to buy it. No matter what kind of hair wigs customers buy, they can enjoy the discount - an Extra 6% Off For All Wigs.  With code SUMMER6, and even 7% off for two or more wigs with code SUMMER7. Buy more, save more.

Summer Sale

  3.Hair Wigs Recommendations For Summer

Temperatures vary with the season. When summer comes, the air is stuffy and the temperature is so high. Sometimes the temperature in summer will creep up to just above 40 degrees. During this time, people are paying more for slimmer hair products. They prefer their hair wigs are more breathable, lighter, and more comfortable. All the hair products in Yolissa Hair are well breathable with 100% human virgin hair and imported thin net. People may not feel hot even when wearing them in summer, and they have no side effects, either. Below are some suitable hair wigs for summer, please kindly check.

3.1 HD Lace Wigs

  The reason Yolissa Hair recommends this HD lace wig is that because it has very light, soft, and thin HD lace. Different from regular Swiss laces, HD laces are super-thin, light-weight, and more comfortable for scalps. Wearing an HD lace wig not only comfortable but also can make the hairline more natural and highly undetectable. HD laces can melt into the scalp perfectly, and match all skins, no more lace tinting.

  There are four different lace sizes of HD lace wigs: HD 5x5 lace closure wigs, HD 6x6 lace closure wigs, HD 13x4 lace frontal wigs, HD 13x6 lace frontal wigs. People can choose their preferred HD lace wigs according to different needs.

HD lace wig

3.2 Short Bob Wigs

  Summer with short bob hair will be absolutely amazing. Not just for comfort, layered bob wigs also can give volume and movement to the hair. Besides, a bob wig works well with both wavy hair and straight hair. And short bob wigs are also easier to maintain than long wigs.

  And we have a flash sale for bob wigs next week. Lowest to $35! And the most important is it can be shipped out in 24 hours for United States address, you can get it in 2-5 working days! Please pay attention to our flash sale next week and snap up! 

bob wigs

3.3 Headband Wigs

  It should also be mentioned is headband wigs. Headband wigs are different from regular lace wigs. They are with ice silk fabric and Velcro at the back. Headband wigs only need 1-2 minutes to install with glue and easy to take off. It is suitable for busy girls and beginners. People can change wig styles easily by changing headbands. Every customer who buys a headband wig in Yolissa Hair can get three pieces of free headbands as a gift.

Recently, Yolissa Hair is having great mark-downs on this item. The prices of headband wigs will be $20-$60 cheaper than before. The degree of coupons also has been increased from 6% to 8% with code Headband. Everyone comes to seize the opportunity to get an ideal headband wig.

headband wigs