Yolissa Hair Wish You A Blessed And Happy Easter!

  Here comes the Easter bunny! Yolissa Hair wishes you a blessed and happy Easter! Today we will talk about the origins of Easter and some special events we will offer on Easter Day.

  1. Easter Day

  Easter is the Resurrection. It is a religious holiday that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is also one of the most important Christian festivals. Hot Cross buns and Chocolate Easter eggs are traditional foods eaten on Easter Day. Children will make colourful Easter eggs and Easter bunnies on that day. And then they will go to play some games. Two traditional Easter egg games are the Easter Egg Hunt and the Easter Egg Roll.

 easter day

    2. Happy Easter in Yolissa Hair

2.1 Special Easter Event

To celebrate Easter Day, we offered below discounts for all our customers.

5% Off Over $159

6% Off Over $279

7% Off Over $499

 easter day

2.2 Curly Headband Bob Wigs Flash Sale

  This special flash sale will start on April.7th. Curly headband half bob wigs in 10-16 inches at the lowest price - $39-$69 only on April.7th. These flash sale wigs are all 180% density, medium capsizes with elastic straps. You can please add it to the cart in advance, and then complete the payment on the flash sale day.

 flash sale

1) Curly Wigs

  Curly wigs are special hair wigs. The special curly hair texture is always in good selling, especially African American women. Curly hair is curled by tube number six, it has tighter and irregular curls than other hair textures. So curly hair wigs look fluffy and soft. All the trendy girls can get one to complete your whole style.

Curly wigs are magical hair wigs that can match all different hair lengths. No matter you like short bob wigs or long hair wigs, curly wigs always can satisfy your needs.

2) Headband Wigs

  Headband wigs are new arrival wigs in Yolissa Hair, and they have quickly become one of the most popular hair items in our store. Why do more and more people like to buy headband wigs? I have listed some reasons below for your references:

A: No Lace, No Glue, No Gel, Affordable Price

B: 2-Mins To Install And Easy To Take Off

C: Beginners, Busy & Lazy Girls Friendly

D: Adjustable Cap Size For Every Customer

E: Can Do Any Hairstyles With One Free Headband

3) Some Flash Sale of Bob Wigs Will Be Updated Irregularly

Yolissa Hair also will offer some flash sales of bob wigs irregularly. Thanks for your read and stay tuned for more updates!

      3.Easter Hair Wigs Recommendation

3.1 613 Blonde Wigs

  Other attractive colored wigs that you can’t miss our 613 blonde wigs. Yolissa Hair hot-selling 613 blonde wigs have many different hair textures, including straight, body wave, water wave, deep wave, etc. 613 blonde hair color is a bright and shining color that can help you become the focus of people. Blonde hair can frame your face and give you sensuality and youth. It is also one of the easiest hair colors to match. No matter what hair textures or hair colors you prefer.

613 blonde wigs

3.2 HD Lace Wigs

  HD lace is an upgraded version of common Swiss laces. HD means “high definition”. HD lace is very light, soft, and thin, it is also comfortable for your scalp. It also can make your hairline more natural and highly undetectable. Another main difference between HD lace wigs and common lace wigs is HD lace wigs can match all skin colors and melt into the scalp perfectly, with no need for more lace tinting. Common Swiss laces have two different lace colors: transparent lace and medium brown lace. People need to pick one of them to match their skin tones. But an HD lace wig can be a perfect match for all skin-colored people.

hd lace wigs